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Applications Guidance

We provide the following guidance for publishers on how we evaluate sites for inclusion on NewsNow:

  1. The inclusion and removal of sites is a subjective choice made by our editors with the aim of creating a high quality and balanced editorial experience for our readers. We may decline a site because we feel it is poorly written, because it isn't materially different from sites that are already on NewsNow or because it doesn‘t otherwise add value.
  2. We reject applications from sites that cannot demonstrate consistently high quality content for at least the previous six months. You are welcome to apply when you can do so.
  3. First impressions are important. If the first two or three articles that we read contain spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes, we are likely to decline a site. Likewise, we are likely to reject poorly designed sites.
  4. While it is not our policy to dictate to publishers what they can and cannot publish on their own sites, it is our concern what stories are published on NewsNow. If a site publishes a mix of content that we do consider suitable for inclusion and content that we don‘t, you must provide a feed containing only the content suitable for inclusion on NewsNow (as defined in our Editorial Standards and Code of Conduct) in your application.
  5. Due to the volume of high quality Premier League news already featured on NewsNow, applications from sites publishing news on the Premier League as a whole will be rejected unless they are authoritative and/or of exceptional quality.
  6. Sites with excessive advertising, or advertising that impinges on the reading of articles, may be declined.
  7. We only accept applications from sports sites that are able to place a NewsNow logo of our choice on the homepage of their site, above the fold (without the need to scroll) and in a prominent position. By 'above the fold', we mean visible on a standard browser, monitor and font size at 1024 x 768 resolution. Furthermore, it must be positioned away from other aggregator logos or, failing that, above any other aggregator logos. Sites that display the logo and are subsequently found to have removed it will be suspended from NewsNow without notice.
  8. If you haven’t already done so, please read our Publisher Network Terms and Conditions (which incorporates our Editorial Standards, Code of Conduct and Issue Resolution Procedures, and our Technical Requirements).

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